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Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
Russian women pictures
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Russian Girls Pictures:
Russian women pictures


Scam is defined as an attempt to intentionally mislead a person usually with the goal of financial or other gain.

Even though it has always existed, the phenomenon of scam is associated with internet dating and has become notorious during the last years due to the growth of popularity of online introductions.

It is just with the development of technologies and internet the methods of used by scammers become more and more sophisticated, their stories become more and more pitiful, and the ways to check them more difficult.

The most destroying effect of scam is that scammers not just milk someone for money, they sow feelings of disappointment and diffidence in the hearts of people. Emotional aspect of this issue is the most severe. The cases of scam breed anger, hate and fear for serious relationships, mistrust to people and reliable introduction agencies.

One may wonder who are the people that are as cynical as to play with someone else's feelings and emotions?

It may be a surprise to you but scammers are not only women or dating agencies. Most often it happens so that you're deluded by a man, may be even a man from your country (read the article), or a family or a group of people (read the article)

There are even criminal groups (not only in Russia but also in the US) who earn their living by scamming men online.

The main instrument for scammers is stolen photos of women who may never know about this and then suffer as such practice spoils their reputation, made up descriptions and publishing these profiles online. The scam artists behind these profiles may either wait for a man to contact them evens search online and write to men themselves. The scenario is simple, the correspondence starts and an innocent man starts getting sweet letters from a beautiful woman relationship with whom seem so promising. It is not possible to answer all the letters in details if scammers have hundreds of fake profiles online and hundreds of men contacting each fake lady. They use prewritten form letters or even use special scripts that imitate correspondence and you can spend several months chatting with a machine instead of a pretty girl.

The sad fact is that some men do not realize what is going on and send thousand of dollars to scammers.

The requests come from the scam agencies of "women" themselves and the most common are:

- A girl needs money for her poor ill granny, daddy, sister, her operation etc�
- A girl wants to travel to your country but she has not enough money
- she has some acquaintances at the embassy who can help with the USA visa for money
- there is a travel agency, which can organize a trip to the US
- she got in a car accident-
- she owes money to Russian Mafia

There are so many examples how men can be deceived and trimmed for money.

The second kind of scammers is agencies-scammers. In this case the agency provides fake profiles (Example story at http://www.sptimes.ru/story/2960 ), profiles with stolen photos or profiles of women who are not actually interested in dating (models, clients of photo-studios, girls who were just shot in the city streets). Then the agency settles the correspondence with not existing women, agencies staff writes love letters to clients and the agency gets money for the correspondence, gifts and flowers delivery, travel services.

Sometimes agencies work with real women-clients, but forging correspondence, often have a good reputation especially among women, since they (women) don't need to do anything. They don't write letters and get to know their "fiance" only when he has already come to their country being in love with her image from love letters, forged by the agency. Women are even ready to pay to such agencies. If the lady likes the man he will never know that he was deceived. However how deep should be the confusion and disappointment of a man, who finds coldness and aversion from the girl's side after hundreds words of love and admiration, addressed to him on behalf of the girl.

In the case of collusion among the agency and its women-clients the forgery is very hard to reveal, as well as the fraud of girls who act by their own, getting gifts and money from a man but then suddenly refusing to continue the relationships. But does a girl deserve to be treated as a scammer just because you were as careless as to wish to spend money on her but then your relationships just didn't come out? Not all the men act with dignity after the breaking up. That's why the girls who cannot be in fact blamed for deliberate fraud get onto Black Lists. On the black lists you can also see the photos of those girls whose fault is only in that their photos were stolen from some site and used for scam by someone else.

For the sake of justice we need to say that not only women appear to be unfair players at the dating scene. Dating sites are often used by men whose aim is far not to find a bride. Such men also appear on their own black lists. Here is one of the examples - http://www.livejournal.com/users/antidate/

So what are the rules that should be followed by all men in order not to become a victim of a fraud? Read here.

SCAM RED FLAGS!!! - signs of a scammer

1. Russian women usually appreciate when a man shows interest first, so it can be a scam attempt when a woman first starts correspondence with you on a free dating site.

2. The majority of Russian girls know very basic English if any and not many have a home computer and can correspond regularly. So this is very probably that you are in touch with a professional if she speaks pretty good English and corresponds very actively.

3. You have very limited information about her, just her e-mail and photo.

4. Your letters sent to her personal postal address get back undelivered or she can't be contacted by a way other than her email or her agency. Or the postal address and home telephone number is concealed by the agency, like a girl has no rights of her own.

5. She is head over heels in love with you after very short time (2-3 weeks), which is hardly possible and seems fishy.

6. She alludes at financial difficulties she is experiencing at the moment or may even ask for help not waiting for your suggestion. Don't send money to a lady if you've never met! It's a number one rule for everyone who decides to find love online. Try to find a way to pay yourself for your phone talks, for correspondence, for translations etc if a lady can not do this herself. A reliable agency usually offers this service and has is payable to men-clients.

7. She sends you intimate photos or she has no new photos at all.

8. She suggests coming to your country. We do recommend that you make a 1st visit yourself and meet the lady in her home city, get to know her family and friends and then invite to your place. Women in Russia normally do not feel confident and safe coming to a foreign country to a man they have never seen.

9. She ignores your questions - It is explained by either hiding the information or using letter-templates to make things fast.

! The effective means to check if a woman really exists is to send her letter or flowers by courier to the address she provides. Make sure the service you use will check her passport and take a photo of the delivery.

There is one more but very important recommendation. When you decide to find a woman in Russia through internet Dating service don't be paranoid. Yes, there are scammers. But most real Russian women are honest and really searching for love. Don't suspect every girl of being a swindler, you can only harm yourself and hurt feelings of a good girl.

Russian women pictures Russian women pictures Russian women pictures Russian women pictures Russian women pictures
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